Emily Craft


Weight Loss Consultation, Obesity / Weight Loss Consultation, Nutrition Consultation, Weight Management, Eating Disorder

Emily Craft is a Senior Associate Registered Dietitian at MNC Nutrition. With backgrounds in pediatrics, retail (grocery store) nutrition, and eating disorders, Emily provides much of the website and social media content for MNC in addition to seeing clients. Because of Emily’s grocery store nutrition background, she is happy to work with clients very specifically to discuss foods and products that might interest and/ or challenge them nutritionally and emotionally. Since working as a pediatric dietitian at Nemours, Emily has loved working with families and adolescents to ensure that everyone is working together as a team to provide the best care for the client.

Emily believes that food is just one part of living a balanced life, so her goals with clients are often centered around how to make food and nutrition easy so that they can focus on the things that are most important to them. Emily also prioritizes team communication and enjoys working closely with all of the members of a client’s recovery support system, such as therapists, medical providers, and family.

Emily received her BS in Dietetics from the University of Delaware and her MS in Health Education from St. Joseph’s University. She has been recognized as Delaware’s Young Dietitian of the Year. In her spare time, you can find Emily exploring Philadelphia, attempting to keep her plants alive, and reading and watching thrillers. If you work with Emily, you’ll likely get to meet her curious and beloved cat, Prince Harry.